Project Description

A mix of English and German members, a 3 piece plus performance artists, celebrating their 11th Anniversary.
With Over 800 gigs, 8 Albums worth of original songs, showcases in Hamburg, Berlin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Las Vegas, Denver, London, Birmingham and tours across 2 continents, countless Festival appearances, including, Bearded Theory, The Rock and Blues, Sonic Rock Solstice, CockRock, Whitby Goth festival, Leipzig Goth Festival, Boulder Festival and many more, BB BlackDog have become a live Band not to miss.
Using no overdubs, Just 2 Bass Guitars and Drums, playing simple catchy music, remaining fiercely independent, being the Driving force behind “” and the Phoenix Alternative Festival both Run as a Not For Profit Co-op to help smaller Bands, the scene, as well raise Money for Charity, All powered by a rapidly growing, loyal band of supporters, BB BlackDog are different, and that’s a good thing.