De overheerlijke beef jerky en gedroogd fruit van de welbekende Mark Kusters a.k.a.

No, this is not the “junk jerky” from the supermarkets. I don’t sell that shit. At we sell jerky and biltong WITHOUT sugar(!), so not the sweet garbage that Wild West and Jack Link’s and other Asian and American brands got. So don’t ask me for “honey barbecue” of “terriyaki”. I got the original tastes, so my jerky tastes like meat: the beef tastes like beef, the turkey tastes like turkey, the horse…, the wild boar…ect etc.
That’s why my dried meat products are also popular with people who like Paleo, or people who would like to loose weight, popular with athletes. And ofcourse with couch potatoes because my jerky and biltong is much better than any chips or cookies!