Project omschrijving

Steampunk Convention, zaterdag 19.00 – 20.00

Be the badass you think you are at our Surströmming Challenge 2019
Surströmming was invented by the vikings, to preserve their fish during their long sea voyages.

This “challenge” is so easy , we are almost ashamed to call it a challenge.

Round 1: pick your team, and elect a team leader. Team leaders will sit opposite each other, all of their team members will sit to the right of them. Team leaders will open the tin, and pass it to the right (to the next team member, and so forth), until the tin reaches the opposing team leader.

Round 2: Take a piece of fish, put it on your plate, and eat it.

Round 3, 4, 5, … : See round 2

Winner: Either the last person at the table, or no fish is remaining and the person who has eaten the most fish wins.

If you leave the table, you will be eliminated. If you do not eat the fish on your plate, you will be eliminated. if you hesitate too long, you will be eliminated.

We will provide, forks, plates, napkins, and barf bags 😉

May the best “badass” win 😉